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IX66 Block Diagram

ADSL Conexant Falcon ADSL chipset. T1.413, G.992.1, G.992.2, ADSL Full and Lite compatible.
DHCP Client Fetch dynamic IP-address from WAN.
DHCP Server Supply dynamic IP-addresses to LAN.
DMZ DeMilitarized Zone: for example a web-server that is accessible from the Internet (WAN), but cannot access the LAN.
ET1 10/100 Ethernet connector for LAN.
ET2 10/100 Ethernet connector for DMZ or a second LAN.Also used to connect WAN, if ADSL is not used. (Stand-alone Ethernet firewall)
EXP Expansion port for connection of intelligent home control device, etc.
Firewall Packet filtering, stateful inspection, ALG firewall. Allows only approved data to pass.
IP IP-address. Allows IP-communication with the modem itself.
LAN Local Area Network, one or more computers connected into a network. An external hub shall be used to connect, if several computers are used.
NAT Network Address Translation. Allows several LAN computers to share one global IP-address, by translating private IP-addresses and ports.
Router Directs data traffic between different connections.
S (splitter) Separates the high frequency ADSL-signals from common telephone signals.
SIP Agent SIP home appliances agent, SIP-ENP gateway. Allows intelligent home appliances to be controlled from the Internet.
SIP Proxy Supervises all ongoing IP-phone conversations. Makes sure they get through the firewall and NAT without disturbances.
SIP Registrar Keeps an updated list of all LAN IP-phones, so they are accessible from the Internet.
Smart Card Smart Card-reader, accessible from LAN through the router.
USB USB 1.1 Ether-over-USB, for connecting a single PC.
WAN Wide Area Network, Internet.
Web Server The modem’s own homepage for set-up, status control, etc.

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