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Feature - QoS and CAC
QoS (Quality of Service)
Quality of Service (QoS) refers to the capability of a network to provide better service to selected network traffic. By prioritising audio and video, TCP (email, FTP, etc.) and other flow-controlled traffic will back off and only use the bandwidth not consumed by the real time traffic. To support QoS a device needs to implement different mechanisms, algorithms, ensuring that for example VoIP traffic is not disturbed by common data traffic. To achieve the goals of QoS end-to-end, the entire network including all its components need to support QoS. The IX66 has four mechanisms ensuring Quality of Service for SIP media streams:

o SIP media stream prioritisation
o Upstream traffic shaping
o Downstream traffic shaping
o DiffServ bits manipulation

CAC (Call Admission Control)
Call Admission Control (CAC) limits the number of SIP media streams allowed through the unit. CAC can deny new SIP connections attempted if the unit is getting overloaded. If the unit is being overloaded it is better to deny further SIP calls, and thus maintain quality of the ones currently in progress, rather than allowing too many calls that would overload the unit and reduce quality of all calls in progress. If Call Admission Control is enabled, new SIP calls are allowed only if there is enough bandwidth and processing power left to be able to handle the resulting media streams effectively.

More Information:
Intertex QoS [PDF]
Intertex CAC [PDF]

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