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 Phone Port (FXS)    Click for help 
 SIP address      Display name   (Optional)  
 Authentication:  User ID    Password    

 Call Control    Click for help 
 Enter number or URI:  
 Multiple calls:  

 Configuration:   Call Waiting  (*43# to enable, #43# to disable)
  Do not disturb  (*132# to enable, #132# to disable)
 Telephony Keys Style 

 Telephone Line Port (FXO)  Click for help 
 Domain name    (Dial using <telephone number>@<domain name>)
 Telephone number    Display name    (Optional)  
 Authentication:  User ID    Password    (Optional)  

 Outgoing calls
 Allowed to call out:   Inside users  
   Outside users  
 Await dial tone after initially dialled    (Enter 0 or 9 if behind PBX)
 Prefix for dialling through this port    (If "**" then dial using **<telephone number>)
   (Will be overridden if Dial Plan in SIP Switch is used)

 Incoming calls
 Forward incoming calls to   during   ring signals  
 Collect    extension digits and forward to SIP server @ (Built-in server if empty)  
 Try forwarding to collected extension for   seconds   
 Forward to   after timeout or failure above  

       Advanced Settings for Telephone Ports