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 General SIP Server Settings  Click for help
    Use as SIP server for domain(s)  
   Authentication Realm (prompted at login)    use client's domain name

    Also apply number processing to domain(s)  
   Allow to register:  Inside users    
     Outside users  
   Maximum registered SIP addresses   (Buy More)
   Allow outgoing calls from    
    and from others after authentication
   Match full SIP URI for incoming calls
 (E.g. "" instead of just "peter" must match.)


 Outgoing call number processing  Click for help
 Route numbers starting with  to operator account   Strip prefix  Fallback to local line Click for help
 Reserved range for internal numbers   to  (e.g. used as "extension" numbers)  Click for help

 Emergency number    Force to (domain or IP address)    Apply for   Click for help

 Dial Plan    Click for help
 Priority  Prefix
 Head  Tail  Minimum
 Action  Forward to (account,
 domain or IP address)
Add Prefix
 Forward  Enum
 Enum Root  
  before row    Number 
  of digits
  A& = Authenticate  Default PSTN Gateway
  (selected row)    (Used if no "Forward to" specified above)
View/Get Example 

 Outbound Proxy  Click for help 
 Applies to all requests allowed through Dial Plan. Optional  
 Send to  for Request from Domain
 (domain or IP address)  (e.g. *
   Wildcards (* and ?) allowed

 SIP Accounts and Incoming Call Processing  Click for help 
 Voice mail server  (domain, IP address or replace expression) Click for help
  Allow external callers to use internal numbers
 Sort table by     Click for help 

 Click for help
 SIP User Name 
 (e.g. "peter" if peter@...)
Authentication  Comment  Dyn.
 to SIP URI, IP Address,
 Phone Number or Ext.
 Voice Mail  BU   RI   AC   Incoming Call Matching
 Click for help
 User ID  Password
    |    (e.g. from PSTN gateway)  
    Internal extension number  Block User's access to Personal Settings page Accept Common list of Allowed Incoming Callers
  Restrict Incoming calls
    Restricted by 40 SIP licenses. Buy More    Restricted by 40 SIP Switch User Accounts. Buy More  

  Show other dynamically registered SIP users

 Incoming Call Blacklist 
 Click for help
 Wildcards (* and ?) allowed  

 Allowed Incoming Callers (used when RI and AC checked)  Click for help
 Local users (on this server) 
 User ID  Password
 Not Authenticated
 (SIP URI or phone number)
 Wildcards (* and ?) allowed

 Export/Import Settings  Click for help
  Store current settings on PC  
 Import the following:  
 General Settings (including Outbound Proxy)
 Dial Plan
 User Accounts
 Allowed Incoming Callers and Incoming Call Blacklist
 From file: 

Advanced SIP Settings
(Requires login as advanced user)