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  NB! Changing these settings requires in depth knowledge!

 Authorized Users Click for help
Method URI Direction Authentication User IDs  

 SIP proxy    
 Maximum number of registrations per user   Click for help 
 Timeout before registration expires seconds  Click for help 
 Call time out seconds  Click for help 
  Enable SIP session timer    Click for help 
 Default request timeout  seconds   Click for help 
 Maximum request timeout  seconds  Click for help 
 SIP Server port  Click for help 
 Requests for a foreign domain  unlimited
 Click for help 

 Static domain forwarding    Click for help 
Domain Forward to (IP)  

 Proxy rules      Click for help 
 Proxy default access limit   
IP Address Subnet Mask Access limit  

 Forwarding of class 1 responses  Click for help 
 Handling of class 3 responses  Click for help 
 TCP connection timeout  seconds  Click for help 
 Max number of media streams per SIP request   Click for help 
 Accept  Click for help 
 Log settings (SIP)  Click for help 
 Log SIP header fields (e.g. From, To)   Click for help 
 Log only communication with IP addresses:  Click for help 
  Spoof protection  Click for help 
  Allow multiple RTP media senders  Click for help 
  Allow RTP in reverse direction  Click for help 
  Disable URI encryption  Click for help 
  RFC 3261 Loose routing  Click for help 
  Disable username encoding (registrations)  Click for help 
  Disable change to TCP (large messages)  Click for help 
 Try make UDP messages smaller when exceeding  bytes  Click for help 
 Hide Via headers on requests to IP addresses:  Click for help 
 Monitor servers for failures  Click for help 
 Time to cache server failures  seconds  Click for help 
 Client registration interval  seconds  Click for help 

 Handling of Call Transfer  Click for help 
Enable B2BUA to be able to transfer incoming calls:
  For clients not supporting "REFER"
  For clients not supporting "replaces"
 For clients with FROM-URI:
 Wildcards (* and ?) allowed (e.g. *
 For clients with User-Agent field:
 Wildcards (* and ?) allowed (e.g. "Super Phone*" RTC/1.2)
 B2BUA can also be enabled for outgoing calls through Dial Plan with the
 b2bua parameter, e.g. Forward to:;b2bua
 Forwarding to SIP account in dial plan will always use B2BUA  

 Quality of Service  Click for help 
  Set DiffServ bits in all SIP media streams  
      - audio   
      - video   
      - data   
  Strip DiffServ bits from other applications  
 Prioritize SIP media streams  Click for help 
      - Link capacity  kbps  Click for help 
      - Link capacity  kbps  Click for help 

 Call Admission Control  Click for help 
   Deny calls if any of the following is exceeded:   
  - Upstream traffic   kbps  
  - Downstream traffic   kbps  
  - CPU load   %  
  - Audio calls     
  - Video calls