Using the scheduler you can automatically switch between security profiles at predetermined times.
NOTE! You must have selected an SNTP server on Administration page to be able to use the Scheduler function.

NOTE! Press "Save" after your settings!

Day - Days to perform the switch on. Selection "weekday" means Monday through Friday.
Time - Time to perform the switch at.
NOTE! Time must be entered as hour:minute in 24-hour format. For example: 08:00 or 16:45
Switch to - Security level to switch to.

Do not schedule multiple switches to same time.
To remove entries set their "Switch to" to empty field.
To add more entries than rows available press Save, new rows will then be added.

Disable ALT CFG key
Profiles selected in this setting become no longer selectable using the ALT CFG button on the front panel. They are however still selectable using the web interface and the scheduler. E.g. selecting "AC", "blo", and "brd" makes ALT CFG button presses only cycle between "Hi" and "Lo".
By selecting all profiles the ALT CFG button becomes disabled entirely.

NOTE! Press "Save" after your settings!

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