Dynamic DNS

A dynamic DNS service is used to allow remote users access your server by name instead of IP number. It is especially useful if you do not have a static global IP address. The dynamic DNS server will automatically be notified of your new IP address when it changes.

NOTE! Press "Save" after your settings!

Dynamic DNS provider - Before you can use dynamic DNS you need to get an account at a dynamic DNS provider.
tekea.com offers hosting of all types of DNS records, including SRV records required for SIP communication, and ENUM.
dyndns.org offers a more basic DNS solution, but some of their services are free of charge.
Apply for an account at one of these providers before entering data into the fields below! Specify the provider you have engaged by ticking the appropriate button.

Hostname - Enter the full hostname you have registered at your dynamic DNS provider, for example yourhost.homeip.net
You can enter multiple host names, comma-separated.

Account type - Select the type of DNS service you have selected at your dynamic DNS provider:
tekea.com : always select Dynamic DNS
dyndns.org : Dynamic DNS is the most suitable for most users. More information about the different types:
Dynamic DNS
Static DNS
Custom DNS

User - Enter the login you use at your dynamic DNS provider

Password - Enter the password you use at your dynamic DNS provider

Save - Press "save" after your changes. NOTE! Pressing "save" also sends an update to your dynamic DNS provider's server regardless of if you have got a new global IP address or not. If you press "save" repeatedly your account might be blocked for abuse.

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