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 Allowed applications IP Address Click for help 
 Web server      
 Telnet server      
 SSH server (Secure Shell)      
 FTP server      Port:  
 PING receiver      
 VPN/PPTP client      
 VPN/IPsec client      
 Remote configuration (Web)      
 Remote configuration (Telnet)      Mask:  
 Delta Force      
 Command & Conquer III      
 Red Alert      
 Descent 3      
 Microsoft Netmeeting 2.0      

Enter port redirection

 IP redirectionsClick for help 
ProtocolIP AddressIP Address 

 Applications from inside Click for help 
   All TCP  
   All UDP  
   FTP    port(s):    
   All (inside -> DMZ)  
   All TCP (inside -> DMZ)  
   All UDP (inside -> DMZ)  
  Other TCP ports    
  Other UDP ports    
  Administration (Telnet)  

 General settings  Click for help 
 Loose UDP (Peer-to-peer gaming)  
 Disable "ICMP close" (Port Unreachable)  
 Enable strict TCP inspection  
 TCP inactivity timeout   seconds  
 UDP inactivity timeout   seconds  
 Log settings
 Firewall Log    
 Forward to syslog server    
 Include link layer information
 Log raw data (hex) bytes.   Exclude protocol headers
 Log raw data (ASCII) bytes.   Exclude protocol headers


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