The built-in firmware in the product may be upgraded to newer versions, with more functionality and features.
You can download the new firmware to your PC's hard disc, use the link on the page.
Then click "Upgrade Firmware" and select the downloaded "TAR" file. The firmware is then burnt into the Flash memory.

Select firmware file - Select the TAR file, previously downloaded, now located on your PC's hard disc.
NOTE! Some web browsers only show HTML files in the popup-window. In that case, enter "*.tar" as file name and press ENTER. This makes all TAR files to be shown instead.

Go - After you have selected a file, press "Go". The file is then loaded into the product and is burnt into Flash-memory (may take up to one minute). Then the unit is restarted.

Upgrade Language - Add new languages to the web interface. Max. two languages can be stored, the one not in use may be overwritten by a new language file. A language file is named txt**.txt ('**' is language).

Upgrade Features - After buying an augmented feature from the web shop, copy the IFC (Individual Feature Code) and paste it here. Then press "Save".

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