SIP User Management

NB! Changing these settings requires in depth knowledge!

On this page you can set up SIP user accounts and define authorization policies. Each user account can also have an automatic forward-to SIP address.

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Add/remove SIP user accounts here. The user accounts are useful for setting up forwarding of incoming calls and necessary to authenticate users.

User - The SIP username of a user.

Password - The password of the user.

Forward to URL - If applicable, enter a SIP address to which all SIP requests destined for the user will be forwarded. This is useful for SIP devices that cannot register with the SIP server (e.g. telephone number at a POTS-gateway).

NOTE! Press "Save" after your settings!


Limits what SIP users are allowed to do by matching the method and direction of a SIP message.

Enable authentication - Unchecked means no SIP user is autenticated.

Realm - A string identifying the SIP server in this product and should be chosen so that a user can associate it with a username/password to be used.

Method - SIP method (e.g. REGISTER,INVITE,BYE) that only authorized users are allowed to use.

Direction - Classification of SIP message by direction.
outbound - SIP messages addressed to other SIP servers.
inbound - SIP messages addressed to this SIP server.
both - All SIP messages.

Users - Users, separated with white space, that are authorized to use the method and direction, and should be authenticated.

NOTE! Press "Save" after your settings!

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