Security Settings

On this page you can select a security level to edit. Click on the profile you want to edit:
High - High security (firewall very restrictive)
Low - Lower security (firewall more open)
AltConf - User defined security level

You are recommended to edit "AltConf" only. The other profiles should not be changed.

Import/Export Profile - Save security profiles to file, or load them from a file.

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Security Settings

Import/Export Profile

By saving security profiles to your computer you can later reuse these settings. In this way you can in fact work with more than the three security profiles, and also copy settings from one profile to another.
Import is when you get a profile from your computer and copy it to the firewall.
Export is when you copy a profile from the firewall to your computer.


Click the "Browse" button to select a previously saved security settings file on your computer. Then select the profile on which you want to copy these settings. Click the "Go" button to start copying.


Select the profile to copy from. After clicking "Go" you will get dialog boxes from your Internet browser to enter file name/directory. Normally, the file will be named "profilex.cfn" but you can choose any name.