Operator, PPP and Keep-alive

Allows you to select settings for Internet Service Providers.

Operator - Select your Operator, or select Other if not in the list.
Press Change after your choice!
Telia - Telia ADSL bredband. Fill in your User name and Password to enable auto-login and keepalive.
Telenordia - Telenordia ADSL. Fill in your Service name, User and Password to login.

PPP - Protocol used. Already set by Operator choice - do not change!
(If operator Other selected: select PPP as recommended by your ADSL operator)

Service name - If PPPoE used: enter Service name as recommended by your ADSL operator.
If PPP off: leave empty!

User - If PPP used: enter User name.
If Telia: enter User login you have received from Telia.
Otherwise leave empty.

Password - If PPP used: enter Password.
If Telia: enter Password.
Otherwise leave empty.

Some operators time-out if the connection has not been used. To avoid it, you can enable keep-alive that keeps the connection by accessing an Internet site at regular intervals.
If operator Telia is chosen and User name and Password has been entered, this keep-alive is not needed - a special Telia-compatible keep-alive is automatically run instead.

URL - Internet site to access (e.g. www.intertex.se)

Interval - Time between each access (recommended: 30 min)

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