Dynamic DNS

A dynamic DNS service is used to allow remote users access your server by name instead of IP number. It is especially useful if you do not have a static global IP address. The dynamic DNS server will automatically be notified of your new IP address when it changes.

NOTE! Press "Save" after your settings!

You need to get a free account at dyndns.org to be able to use dynamic DNS. Apply for an account at dyndns.org before entering data into these fields!

Hostname - Enter the full hostname you have registered at dyndns.org, for example yourhost.homeip.net
You can enter multiple host names, comma-separated.

Account type - Select the type of DNS service you have selected at dyndns.org (Dynamic DNS is the most suitable for most users.)
Dynamic DNS
Static DNS
Custom DNS

User - Enter the login you use at dyndns.org

Password - Enter the password you use at dyndns.org

Save - Press "save" after your changes. NOTE! Pressing "save" also sends an update to the dyndns.org server regardless of if you have got a new global IP address or not. If you press "save" repeatedly your account might be blocked for abuse.

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