ADSL Settings

On this page you can configure the ADSL modem.

NOTE! Press "Save" after your settings!

VCI - ATM vendor ID. Enter the values you have received from your ADSL supplier.

NOTE! Press "Save" after your settings!

Encapsulation - ATM framing types, as specified by your ADSL supplier. The most common setting is "Bridged IP LLC". For PPP protocols, don't select them here but go to "Network Configuration", "Operator, PPP and Keep-alive".

Trellis - Error-tolerant modulation (Recommended value: enabled)

Protocol - ADSL communication protocol used:
NOTE! Only for advanced users!
Autosense - G.dmt first - Automatic detection, G.DMT tested first (Recommended)
Autosense - T1.413 first - Automatic detection, T1.413 tested first
G.dmt/G.lite - Automatic detection of G.DMT / G.LITE only
T1.413 - Communication according to US ANSI standard T1.413
G.dmt - Communication according to G.DMT standard (Discrete Multi-Tone)
G.lite - Communication according to G.Lite standard (splitterless, 1.5Mbps)

NOTE! Press "Save" after your settings!

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