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Get PSTN connectivity without the SIP Switch

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Get PSTN connectivity without the SIP Switch

Get an accounts with a suitable SIP ITSPs (list of ITSP's). Enter the ITSP account infromation in your SIP phone(s)/client(s). Most ITSP’s allow you to register multiple SIP phones on the same account and even make multiple calls simultaneously through a single SIP user account.

Some ITSPs don’t allow multiple clients to be registered on the same account. If this is the case you have to get one account for each and every phone you wish to use or invest in the SIP Switch software addition.

Below you will find information on how to setup a SIP phone/client or analogue phone connected to the FXS port (GW model) together with the Internet Gate.

Using a SIP phone/client
If you use a stand alone SIP phone or a software client, typically you enter in your SIP phone/client:

  a SIP Registrar or SIP Proxy address (in some clients, such as the ZyXEL Prestige 2000W, both is required), which is the domain on which you will be contacted.
  b Contact name (with some ITSPs this is your phone number and with others this is a separate text name)
  c Authentication name (with some ITSPs this is the same as your contact name)
  d Authentication password
  e Save your settings

Detailed guides on howto configure your SIP clients here.

Using analog phone connected to the FXS port (Internet Gate GW model)

If you use a plain old (analoge) phone connected to the FXS port:

  a Login to your Internet Gate (
  b Click on the Telephone Ports menu item.
  c Below Phone Port (FXS), enter (1) SIP address (full ITSP contact name, e.g. , (2) Display name (optional), (3) User ID (ITSP authentication name, e.g. mike) and (4) Password (your ITSP account password).
  d Save your settings

A detailed guide on how to configure your FXS phone here (.pdf).

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