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Get started with the Intertex IX66 and SIP today

It is very easy to join the open SIP world and start benefiting from free voice and video calls, instant messaging, presence, data collaboration and application sharing with the Intertex IX66 Internet Gate. You can use it to host your own SIP server for your domain or use a free SIP address (i.e:, even if you have dynamically allocated IP addresses.

Get started with SIP and the Intertex IX66 and join the global SIP community today:

  1. Buy and install the Intertex IX66 Internet Gate [learn more about the IX66 | go directly to the shop].

  2. Get a SIP client (SIP User Agent):

There are a lot of SIP clients on the market to choose from, there are free soft clients, affordable soft phones and hardware phones. In this example we provide instructions for these SIP clients:

Windows Messenger:
[info & download]
[info | download]
Snom 200:

(Note! Microsoft Windows Messenger and Microsoft MSN Messenger is not the same program, Windows Messenger is SIP-compliant, and Microsoft MSN messenger is not).

  1. Get your own personal SIP address:

Select one of the following:

If you have a registered domain name (i.e: you can use it for your SIP communication. You just have to tell you ISP to point out your SIP domain in their DNS to start using your domain name in your SIP address (i.e: [instruction].

If you do not have your own domain you can use a dynamic DNS service to point to your IX66 and use it as your SIP registrar. A dynamic DNS service allows you to use a web address like, even though your global IP address is not known or even dynamically allocated. To set up a dynamic DNS account, follow these steps:

  1. Get a free dynDNS account.
  2. Configure your dynDNS account.
  1. Make the IX66 the SIP server for your domain [instructions].
  1. Configure the SIP client with your SIP address:

    Click on the SIP client you want to use:

  2. Try your first SIP call:

  3. Welcome! You are now a part of the open SIP world!

You are now a part of the open SIP world and can communicate with other SIP users around the world. Make sure you spread your SIP address so that other SIP users can contact you. is an Internet service providing white and yellow pages for SIP users and organisations around the world.

More Information:
Get access to the old telephony netwotk (PSTN)
Add PBX functionallity

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