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The Open SIP World

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The Open SIP World
Real-time person-to-person communication now gives us the next big step of Internet usage. The Internet standard for such communication is SIP. 

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is a protocol for direct person-to-person communication over the Internet, allowing for instant messaging, presence, voice, video, data collaboration, application sharing and much more. Just like HTTP created the web and SMTP created email, SIP is currently creating the next big use of the Internet, real-time communication between persons. SIP is currently the protocol of choice when making new VoIP installations, which is evidenced by its support from Microsoft, MCI, AT&T and many others.

The real application for VoIP (Voice over IP), where IP telephones connected to the Internet, really can reach each other globally, and where any ordinary phone also can be reached easily is only now being realized. When this level of connectivity is reached, more advanced IP telephones with new functionality (image transmission and other useful features) can be expected and the price will also drop significantly.

Through the SIP transparent IX66, SIP users on the LAN have global reach to and from all SIP clients connected to the Internet. There is no longer a need for VoIP to be limited to only replicating old telephones, nor need VoIP be implemented in small islands only interoperating over the telephone network.

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What do we need to get there?
SIP brings us person-to-person communication - the new way to communicate
Bring SIP to the LAN - SIP enabled NATs and firewalls
PSTN Connectivity - Call people outside the open SIP world
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