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Communications Solutions 2003 Product of the Year
Intertex has won one of TMC's Communications Solutions 2003 Product of the Year awards for its SIP Switch. This prestigious award has been given by the editorial staff of Communications Solutions.

Intertex, manufacturer of SIP capable firewalls for the SOHO environment, in October announced the highly functional SIP Switch. The SIP Switch is a powerful optional software feature for the field-proven Intertex IX66 SIP capable firewall providing the IX66 with a number of PBX-like features and conveniently integrating the combined usage of soft SIP clients, SIP phones and ordinary telephones. The SIP Switch features include local extension numbers, dial 9 (or 0) for outside line, forwarding, forking and other advanced features. ENUM lookup is also an important part of the SIP Switch, where it is used to check whether a phone number has a SIP address, before handing a call over to a PSTN gateway.

The SIP Switch for the first time combines the best of two worlds: URL dialing, presence, instant messaging and video from the IP world used simultaneously with number dialing and traditional PBX functions required to make SIP phones convenient to use. The SIP Switch enables SIP phones to work just like ordinary phones with full access to and from the PSTN, using ordinary phone numbers without any limitation of the IP SIP functionality. Importanbtly, the SIP Switch helps small companies, including the IX66 installed base, to securely take the step from traditional telephony to IP-based real-time communication at an attractive price.

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