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Intertex IX66/IX67/IX68/IX78 - Bringing SIP to the LANs
SIP Communication on Your LAN
Live person-to-person communication, such as voice, video, presence, instant messaging and more is expected to be the next large usage of the Internet after email and web surfing! SIP is the Internet protocol for such applications.

But be aware: To use these applications your Firewall and NAT router must support SIP!

The SIP Switch – The Local IP PBX
In addition to including a complete SIP server, the IX66 can also be equipped with the SIP Switch. It makes the IX66 your local PBX for soft SIP clients like Microsoft® Windows® Messenger and SIP telephones, integrating them with each other, the SIP world and the old telephone network via gateways.
 SIP capable firewalls and NAT routers makes the difference
The IX66 is the first broadband router in the world to allow SIP communication. It has a very general and well-proven SIP support by integrating a SIP proxy and a SIP registrar, dynamically controlling the NAT and firewall. Conventional firewalls and NAT routers cannot even be configured to handle SIP between a LAN and the Internet!

Microsoft® Windows® Messenger as well as the Live Communications Server are based on SIP and are expected to rapidly bring Presence, Instant Messaging, Voice, Video and Data Collaboration to the enterprise and everyone’s desktop.

The SIP Switch streamlines the usage of email-like SIP addresses used by soft SIP clients and numbers used by SIP phones. It routes common phone calls to PSTN gateways, does ENUM look up, can forward calls and can fork incoming calls to several phones or to voice mail. You can also get your own local numbers, dial 0 to reach the outside world and other functions familiar in the old telephony world. In addition you get a set of new features only available in the IP world.


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